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Sep. 16th, 2009

I feel really depressed right now. I had a hard session with the family therapist tonight. My mom and I went and I just let out all my feelings about how alone I felt and how much I missed my friends and that in my heart of hearts, I wanted to be in ny. The therapist asked me straight out, if I had to choose what I wanted, without letting other factors influence it, what would I choose. And I looked at my mom and she just said "don't look at me like that, I already know the answer." she knows I'm not happy. But I made the deal with her to wait it out until December. It's so hard to be torn between two places, so heart wrenching you can't even imagine it. With your family one place and the rest of your family and friends in another. How can anyone even deal with that hardship? I know it's tearing me apart.

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This is a public entry to make all aware that my journal is still regularly updated. The random public entries before this one are *NOT* the only posts I have made in the last three years (since my last post announcing my journal as friends only). I still love meeting new people and having new friends. Don't be discouraged - you'll get plenty of reading from this journal. :)

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In short, my two cents on the subject.

Tomorrow is election day. Tomorrow will change the course of this country forever...tomorrow is monumental. And it's OUR chance to make that change.

Think about it. This is our nation, it's in our hands. All my peers out there, this is our chance to be heard. Don't sit back and watch, don't use the lame excuse that we're screwed either way. We're not. Get out there and CHANGE this country, because sitting on your ass and bitching that you don't care about politics or don't like either candidate is just being lazy. Watch debates, read interviews, check out the goals each president has for this country - there has to be at least one of them you agree with more than the other. AND THEN LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

Our generation is slandered by the ones who drink, party, smoke, and fuck it up for the rest of us. We walk into a diner and it's automatically assumed we're not gonna leave a tip. Our character is judged on our age alone. DON'T LET THIS STEREOTYPE DEFEAT US.

CHANGE THIS COUNTRY. Get out there and vote tomorrow. We are the future. This country is OURS. It will be our childrens. What do we want them to grow up in?

It's time we stepped it up and spoke together. I know we can make this country the best it has ever been. I know by uniting our voices, we can save this country.


This time we're not giving up.

So I know I'm a bit late on this, but I wanted to share my story, videos and pictures from the Central Park show last Thursday. Between work and my out of state friends being here, I haven't had the chance until now!

Screaming Hallelujah, we'll make this last forever.Collapse )

This time we're not giving up,
Let's make it last forever,
Screaming "Hallelujah".
We'll make it last forever.


Here are the pictures of the tour booklet! I took them for one person, but a bunch of others have been asking me so I posted it in a public entry so others can see it. I also typed up the bios in the book, cause they're hard to read from the picture.

I'm posting the booklet from cover to cover, in order.Collapse )


I've been uploading since 1PM wutttt.

As promised, here are the pictures from NJ and RI! These pictures have not been altered in any way by photoshop or the like. It was hard to get any decent pics of Jeremy or Taylor, as they were on the other side and the smoke made it really hard to take decent pics. I'll try for some more on the 28th! The teaser pic is probably my favorite picture I've ever taken at a show, ever. The way the light hits right where their hands are...I love it!


Tons of pics! Dial up would not be happy!Collapse )


Eat, just eat my hair off!

[Written for paramoremusic and xposted here]

So, I pretty much had the most epic weekend of my life. Paramore on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (PA, NJ and RI, respectively). Prepare for a long, detailed story. If you're into it, dive right in. I'll post pictures and videos in another post, this one is just SO LONG and I haven't uploaded everything yet. Here is the story!


I've gone ninjar....

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Credit for the banners goes to wicked_stylex3. :]
I am devestated and in total shock. Today, a part of me has died.

R.I.P Busted, you were so good to me.

Fri 14th:
Busted Announcement

Following the departure of Charlie Simpson, Busted announced today (Friday 14th Jan 2005) that they have decided to split up.

Over the last two years James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis have become household names. Busted have had eight top three hits including four number ones. Both Busted albums, 2002’s Busted and 2003’s A Present For Everyone, have clocked up over 1 million sales each.

Busted won Best Pop Act and Best Breakthrough Act at the 2004 BRIT awards and they were nominated for Best British Group. Most recently they topped the charts with the theme to the Thunderbirds movie, which was voted Record Of The Year.

In the course of their career Busted have sold out 50 UK arenas including 11 Wembleys and last year they sold more Wembleys than any other artist (equaling the all time record), consolidating their position as the biggest and best pop act in the UK.

Says Matt Willis: “It’s a really sad day for all of us but we’ve always said that if one member left then we’d call it a day. The last three years have been unbelievable and I’d like to say a massive thank you to all our fans- you’ve been amazing.”

Says Charlie Simpson: “I’m incredibly proud of everything that we’ve achieved in Busted. We’ve enjoyed some of the best times in our lives together. I wouldn’t change one single bit of it. This has been a really difficult decision and I hope the fans will understand”

Says James Bourne: “I’m devastated that Charlie has chosen to quit Busted, but I have to respect his decision and I fully support him and wish him all the best for the future. I would like to say a personal thank you to all the fans who have made the last three years the best years of my life. I’ll remember these years forever.”

I need the Girls....

I'm in need of some serious GG therapy right about now. >.> All I gotta do is get the PS2 up here and I can drift into my little dream world....the happiest hours are the ones where I can drift into Lorelai and Rory's world. Ahh, happiness knows no boundries there. (That's 'cause I technically lose all coniousness in my brain when I watch GG, so I leave all my crappy world crap behind, which equals relaxation and total hapiness. ^^) Until it ends and I'm back here. >>

Ah good. One obstacle done, I have the PS2. Now, which season and from there which episode? Hmm, I'm in a 1st season kinda mood.

Aha! 'Rory's Dance' with the 'Goodies and Gossip' feature. Awesome feature, it's like the Pop-Up Brady episodes where the little bubbles appear and they say little notes about what happened here or note a reference or something. It's fun. xP

Ok, I'm done. Off to watch my girls, my saviors, my happiness. Bye now.